We handle everything soup to nuts.

From the development of interior architecture, project management, space planning, furniture floor plans, electrical/lighting plans, complete product specifications, custom furniture design, renderings, sourcing of unique vintage pieces, art, accessories, and installation of furniture and every last detail of decor - we've got you covered. 

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Finding the selections process overwhelming?

Perhaps you already have a team in place and know the GC you plan to work with; however, you just need a little help selecting design finishes. Whether it's a kitchen, a bathroom or the whole house, we will work hand in hand with your construction team to design the spaces you're remodeling. 




a way to decorate your space quickly and easily.

Each design is completely individualized and created to fit your style, space, and budget. So whether you're just needing a little help and don't want to hire us for our full suite of services, or you are located further away and want to work together, the results are fast and easy and you'll have a refreshed home in no time.




Whether you want to manage the construction/remodel process yourself and are just looking for design recommendations, or you just want some help restyling your shelves, this service is ad-hoc and we consult on a broad range of design needs. Billed based on an hourly rate, we can help you in a variety of ways, all customizable to you and the help you're looking for.