From Side Hustle to Main Hustle

If you’re reading this, let’s be probably know me, we’re good friends, or you’re my mom. Whomever you are, I would like to thank you for your support in this new quest I’m on. In case; however, you don’t have the background here, here’s the top line:

I have always known that there would come a day when I would want to identify a new career. You see, the advertising agency world is filled with late nights, early mornings, incessant travel and the pace of an Olympic sprinter (also crazy amounts of smart thinking, tons of fun, outrageous ideas and A+ production). While I wasn’t exactly sure when this would be for me, I just knew that at some point, I would crave doing something else. So, when Kevin (husband) got a job transfer from Chicago to Phoenix, Arizona (my hometown) at the end of last year - I experienced in part panic and in part relief. I had spent 15+ years really hustling, for my awesome clients, bosses, co-workers and team- mates. I was the first to raise my hand to travel for business, hundreds of emails a day didn’t phase me, and I poured myself into every creative assignment and strategic challenge we were faced with. To say I dug my career in advertising would be a massive understatement. Until all of a sudden, I just didn’t anymore.

Which, can be a real source of stress if you don’t have a back up plan. Luckily, I have always had a side hustle and I have for the past handful of years daydreamed about someday making one of those hustles my main hustle. This is where my home office comes in and why this is my first blog post.

You see, we moved into our house and had spent all of our budget on rooms without furnishings. We had ample furniture for two guest rooms, so our spare rooms weren’t part of the priority list. I originally stayed on with my NYC advertising agency, working remotely in a small desk in the corner of one of these guest bedrooms. To say it was sad, doesn’t really hit the mark. I was massively uninspired. Uninspired and advertising do not breed well together.

After some urging, Kevin agreed I could re-design one extra bedroom into an office. With one contingency. I had to do it on a shoe-string budget. Queue Craigslist, Homegoods, Ikea, Target, and all of my old stuff would need to be reconsidered.

Rug  ,  Desk

A funny thing happened...piece by piece I put together my Bohemian inspired office. And with each passing day, my inspiration grew. And my dreams of what I wanted to do with my time, God-given talents, interests and resources started to climb. And before you knew it, I had written goals for myself as an Interior Designer (one of my side hustles). And started building business plans to accomplish those goals. And today, Meredith Smyth Design Studio is launching to the public. And I have some clients (!!) I don’t know where this road is going to take me, but I can tell you one thing - I have never felt more inspired or excited for the future of my career. And while I look around my office, kind of giddy with excitement, I can’t help but smile to think that I will get to create this very same feeling for someone else, for their story, one home at a time.


Photo Cred: Karla Yazuri

Meredith Smyth